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Grant Vokey

Grant Vokey

Grant Vokey is the principal consultant for Vokey Consulting. With 20 years of diverse manufacturing operations experience and 15 years of integrating information technology (IT) systems into the manufacturing floor, he has developed a strong understanding of how manufacturing companies work and the information needed to operate at world-class levels. Grant’s experience, coupled with continuous training and 10 years as a Certified Operations Manager, has also provided him with an excellent understanding of industry best practices and best-in-class utilization of manufacturing execution systems (MES). Using this knowledge, he has been a subject matter expert for developing industry-leading MES applications/solutions, a program manager for multiple MES programs, and a lead consultant on implementations of MES in various verticals (electronics, industrial equipment, automotive manufacturing, and metal fabrication). Grant is the author of CoE: The Key to Data-Driven Manufacturing and the coauthor of the book MES: An Operations Management Approach, Second Edition.

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