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Vytautas Siozinys

Vytautas Siozinys

Vytautas Siozinys is the CEO of Energy Advice - technology and consulting company focused on energy intensive industries. The company creates EA-SAS Cloud solutions to increase efficiency and sustainability. For the last five years, Vytautas is focused on developing real-time Digital Twin Technology to increase technological and energy efficiency of engineering systems. He is in charge of the strategic direction while developing innovative products such as EA-SAS Heating which enables District heating network transformation to 5th generation networks. Real-time Digital Twin solution EA-SAS Heating reaches impressive results due to transformation of District Heating network from 3rd to 4th and 5th generation, involving such computational technologies as demand forecast, demand side management, real-time hydraulic thermal optimization, and generation optimum scheduling. From the latest projects, it can be seen that DH network efficiency increases up to 10% calculating from primary energy.

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