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This blog covers numerous topics on industrial automation such as operations & management, continuous & batch processing, connectivity, manufacturing & machine control, and Industry 4.0.

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Black Friday is Here! See What ISA Has in Store

With a history dating back to the 1950s, Black Friday is the most global commerce event of the year,...
Steven Aliano Nov 23, 2022 5:30:00 AM

Common Types of Pneumatic Valves

What is a Pneumatic Valve? The primary function of a pneumatic valve, also known as a directional co...
Jack Illamaran Nov 22, 2022 5:30:00 AM

3 Ways Automation Improves the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical automation is becoming increasingly adopted, particularly as executives look for ways...
Emily Newton Nov 18, 2022 5:30:00 AM

November is Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month!

On 31 October 2022, President Biden announced the establishment of Critical Infrastructure Security ...
Steven Aliano Nov 15, 2022 5:30:00 AM

ABC: Why Accountants Should Love Industry 4.0

Introduction Accountants and engineers could be seen as being on the opposite sides of an organizati...
Ryan Kershaw Nov 11, 2022 5:30:00 AM

3 Ways Technology Has Changed Traditional Payments

Cash or check? In a world of digital payments, online bank accounts, and cryptocurrency, it's undeni...
Aaron Smith Nov 8, 2022 5:30:00 AM

What is Your Wish List for Achievement and Recognition? Part 2

The following discussion is part of an occasional series showcasing the ISA Mentor Program, authored...
Greg McMillan Nov 4, 2022 5:30:00 AM

Here’s Your Last Chance to Register for ALC!

Next week, 7-9 November 2022, the International Society of Automation (ISA) will be holding its firs...
Steven Aliano Nov 1, 2022 5:30:00 AM

How Has Smart Water Management Impacted Water Treatment?

The water treatment process involves numerous steps. They include using screening and filtration met...
Emily Newton Oct 28, 2022 5:30:00 AM

Connecting In-Person with Our Members and Leaders

One of my most important roles as Society President is to stay close to our members and listen to th...
Carlos Mandolesi, ISA President Oct 25, 2022 5:30:00 AM

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