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This blog covers numerous topics on industrial automation such as operations & management, continuous & batch processing, connectivity, manufacturing & machine control, and Industry 4.0.

Perspectives on the Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack

This past week, United States fuel pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline was compromised in a ransomwa...
Steven Aliano May 18, 2021 5:30:00 AM

ISA’s Relationship to IEC Standards

ISA actively participates in the world’s primary international standards system as sanctioned by the...
Charley Robinson May 14, 2021 5:30:00 AM

Bridging the Gap Between Education and Industry

What skills will undergraduate engineers need for the digital economy? Our world is in continuous ev...
Elena Rios May 11, 2021 5:30:00 AM

Reflecting on ISA History: Don’t Leave Gold Nuggets Behind

It is good to know where we have come from. During my experience in over 50 years in this industry, ...
Ian Nimmo May 7, 2021 5:00:00 AM

ISA MPSTME Student Section Develops a Women's Safety App [Q&A]

Archit Kohli is the president of the International Society of Automation (ISA) Mukesh Patel School o...
Christina Ayala May 4, 2021 5:30:00 AM

What Does a Maritime Cybersecurity Professional Do? Q&A with Marco Ayala

Marco (Marc) Ayala is a process automation professional with more than 25 years of experience workin...
Marco (Marc) Ayala Apr 30, 2021 5:15:00 AM

A Wide-Angle View of Standards

My career began in 1992 when I joined Diamond Shamrock as an engineer at the McKee Refinery in the T...
Donald Dunn Apr 27, 2021 5:30:00 AM

IIoT Devices, Analytics Enable 'Servitization' Benefits

In recent years, every sector that needs expensive and complex assets—generator sets, jet engines, p...
Sujata Tilak Apr 23, 2021 5:15:00 AM

The Best Level for Optimization and Organization in the Smart Factory

The following discussion is part of an occasional series showcasing the ISA Mentor Program, authored...
Greg McMillan Apr 20, 2021 5:00:00 AM

ISA President's Column: The Odyssey

The 2021 International Society of Automation (ISA) President Steve Mustard is featured monthly on th...
Steve Mustard, ISA President Apr 19, 2021 9:22:42 AM

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