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What Your DCS Knows But Won't Tell You

This is an abstract that will be presented at ISA Automation Week 2012 in Orlando, Florida. Click HERE for information on ISA Automation Week 2012. This session is in the Control Performance Track: Manufacturing Intelligence

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George BuckbeeMr. George Buckbee, ExperTune, Inc. Read Bio


Your DCS is keeping secrets from you.  The distributed control system and the data historian have a huge amount of data from your plant.  But they are not telling you the most important secrets that lie within. Your control system is awash in data.  Every second more data pours in, from instruments and analyzers throughout the plant.  The data historian dutifully stores it away, so that you have Megabytes, Gigabytes, or even Terabytes of data.  It is so much data that it can be overwhelming. You could easily spend days or weeks poring through the data, looking for something significant.

The DCS and data historian are dutifully sharing it all.  And yet, it seems they are hiding the important information, somewhere in this mountain of data. Specific techniques can be used to extract the meaningful information from the control system.  Simple queries and mathematical techniques can be used to isolate equipment, process, and control problems.  These problems can have far-reaching effects, and often go un-noticed.

This paper explains how to uncover these secrets, and use the answers to improve the bottom-line operation of your plant.  Learn about specific techniques to uncover process bottlenecks, improve efficiency, save energy, and resolve quality issues.


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