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Webinar Recording: ROI of In-Line Optical Spectroscopy in Process Manufacturing

This ISA co-hosted webinar on optical spectroscopy was presented by Hellma Analytics and Prozess Technologie.

Process manufacturer often use water somewhere in their processes, and having precise, accurate moisture measurements can mean millions of dollars in ROI. In this informative webinar, experts explore the immense benefits — in reducing waste, increasing yield, and improving quality — and ROI of employing optical spectroscopy solutions in-line to measure moisture in real time. Actual case studies and field-driven and comparative results are presented.



About the Presenters
Robert E. (Bob) Sherman, principal technologist at Consulting Technologists' Ideagroup, has worked for major companies such as BP, Valero and Fluor in both North America and overseas.  He is an ISA Fellow and author of Process Analyzer Sample-Conditioning Systems and editor of ISA's Analytical Instrumentation.


Chelliah V. Navin, applications scientist with Prozess Technologie, has a doctorate in biological engineering with a specialization in chemical engineering and chemistry from Louisiana State University.


Stacy Carrier, technical sales manager with Hellma Analytics, earned a doctorate in physical chemistry specialising in reaction dynamics in UV-VIS and mid-IR spectroscopy.


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