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Webinar Recording: How to Protect Vital Industrial Assets from the Industrial Internet of Threats


This ISA webinar on industrial cybersecurity was presented by industrial security expert and ISA99 Committee Co-Chair Eric Cosman, and David Zahn, vice president of marketing at Ambyint.


During the 19th century, settlers saw it as their Manifest Destiny to settle the American West. But they found their lands under attack by the cattlemen surrounding them.

The "Manifest Destiny" of industrial process and power generation companies is under similar assault. Bands of outlaws, or hackers, are cutting down perimeter-based defenses and successfully infiltrating process control networks. They are aided by growing attack surfaces created by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) adoption; it is why IIoT is often referred to as the Industrial Internet of Threats. These and other factors put the highly complex, proprietary, and heterogeneous cyber assets in the plant at risk.

Watch this webinar learn more about landscape of ICS cybersecurity solutions. We will share how ISA advises companies to proceed and discuss “gotchas” that can derail an ICS cybersecurity initiative.


ISA offers standards-based industrial cybersecurity training, certificate programs, conformity assessment programs, and technical resources. Please visit the following ISA links for more information:

About the Presenter
Industrial security expert Eric Cosman has extensive experience in the development, delivery, management, and support of operations information technology solutions in the process industries. During his career his assignments and responsibilities have included process automation systems development, communications network design, functional and technical architecture design, and technology lifecycle management. He retired as an operations IT consulting engineer with the Dow Chemical Company.


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About the Presenter
David Zahn is vice president of marketing at Ambyint. He has extensive executive leadership and management experience within the high tech industry; with a consistent track record of guiding product, marketing, and services teams toward accelerated bookings growth and revenue goal achievement. His achievements include building and marketing leading-edge supply chain solutions at startup companies such as (IPO) and BroadJump (acquisition) as well as growth-stage companies such as Motive (IPO) and FuelQuest (acquisition). At PAS, he served as general manager for cybersecurity.


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