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Technical Spec Writing and Modbus Protocol Training

ISA has partnered with IDC Technologies to provide outstanding training opportunities in the areas of Specification and Technical Writing and Modbus Protocols.  ISA members get 10% off.  Here are the details:

Practical Specification and Technical Writing for Engineers and Technical People

What you will learn:

  • Systematically design and write accurate  and comprehensive technical specifications
  • Write realistic specifications, thereby  improving project management and  performance
  • Write clear and concise formal reports, equipment manuals and other  technical documentation
  • Develop effective communication with technical as well as non-technical staff at all levels (from top management within the organisation to the end user in the home environment)
  • Brainstorm and identify technical problems and solutions
  • Collect, organise, analyse and evaluate information
  • Transfer technical information into powerful graphs, flowcharts and tables
  • Translate technical documents into captivating oral presentations

Who Should Attend:

  • Engineering professionals (e.g. project and design engineers)
  • Maintenance planning staff
  • Maintenance/supervisory managers
  • Project team members in: manufacturing, process industries, tendering,
  • Contracting, marketing, procurement, feasibility study, research and development, utilities and local authorities
  • Technical personnel

Download the flyer

Practical Troubleshooting and Problem Solving of MODBUS Protocol

You will learn how to:

  • Identify, prevent and troubleshoot Modbus protocol communications problems
  • Gain a practical toolkit of skills for working with Modbus
  • Work competently with Modbus and RS-232, RS-485, wireless and Ethernet
  • Gain skills to fault find your Modbus based Ethernet, RS-232/485, wireless,
  • Ethernet and TCP/IP network problems

Who Should Attend:

Anyone working with or required to troubleshoot industrial communications systems ranging from rS-232 to Fieldbus and Ethernet systems, including:

  • Consulting engineers
  • Designers
  • Design engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Electronic technicians
  • Instrumentation and control engineers/technicians
  • Network planner
  • Plant managers
  • Process control engineers
  • Shift electricians
  • Systems engineers
  • System integrators
  • Test engineers

Download the flyer

IDC Technologies has trained thousands of American engineers and technicians to the highest standards of quality engineering and technical 'know-how' over 20-years. We now proudly stand beside ISA, the World’s leading problem solving organization and Society for automation professionals.

Register two people, the third is FREE
When you register two people for any of the above workshops, you will receive your 3rd registration FREE - refer to the brochures above for full details.

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