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Take a Fresh Look at All the Ways You Can Make the Most of Your ISA Membership


This post is authored by Terrence G. Ives, President of ISA 2013.


The advent of a new year is the ideal time to take a fresh look at all the different ways ISA members can get involved in ISA sections and divisions. As someone who has been highly engaged for many years in my local (Philadelphia) ISA section, and has had the honor of serving the Society in various leadership positions, I’m very aware of the personal and professional rewards that come with active ISA membership involvement.

Joining Hands

In so many ways, ISA provides its members with immeasurable opportunities to receive—in knowledge, skills, problem solving, leadership development, and friendship—and to give back—through collaboration, mentorship, volunteerism, sponsorship, and student scholarships.

Section involvement

Given their geographically based structure, ISA sections offer a convenient way for members to take part in ISA initiatives and events. Here are just a few ways you can get involved and contribute at the section level:

  • Team up with other ISA members to explore common professional interests.
  • Invite guest speakers to section meetings, creating an environment of learning and discovery.
  • Arrange section tours of local plants and facilities.
  • Develop new networking, social and recreational events.
  • Speak at local middle schools and high schools to generate student interest in automation careers.
  • Encourage local students to attend section events, participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition, and become ISA student members.
  • Fund scholarships for local college and university students who demonstrate potential and interest in pursuing automation and control careers. Take a minute to review all the current ISA sections who sponsor scholarship programs. Join them.

If you have not yet connected with your local section, visit, and select Sections from the Membership tab.


Would you like to get involved with an ISA student section? ISA sponsors student sections at colleges and universities around the world. Click this link to learn more and find a section near you. If a student section is not located on your campus and you are interested in learning more on how to start a student section at your college or university, click here.


Division involvement

As an ISA member, you should take full advantage of your two free technical division memberships: one from the Automation and Technology Department and one from the Industries and Sciences Department. And why stop at just two? Additional memberships cost only $10 US each. Division memberships enable automation professionals the opportunity to:

  • Attend, help plan, and conduct technical division symposia and events.
  • Stay up to date on current technical trends and news by reading division newsletters and web sites.
  • Write, review, or present technical papers for ISA publications.
  • Network with colleagues across the globe.
  • Explore professional development and gain leadership skills.
  • Develop workshops and short courses for division members.
  • Exchange ideas and insights through email discussions.

To get specific details on how you can get the most out of ISA division memberships, visit the ISA Technical Divisions website page. ISA also offers three Technical Interest Groups (TIGs) for members interested in exploring certain technical fields in greater detail. At this time, ISA features three TIGs: the Textiles TIG, the Glass and Ceramics TIG and Leak Detection and Repair TIG.

Working together to improve our careers and our profession. Making the world a better, more innovative, and safer place. Helping pave the way for the automation professionals of tomorrow. That’s ISA. And that’s why I encourage you to make the most of your ISA membership. Join me and your fellow members in making 2013 a great year for the Society!


About the Author
Terrence G. Ives is the third-generation president and owner of Ives Equipment Corporation in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, a process control manufacturing representative and stocking distributor. Terry has been actively involved in ISA leadership for many years. He has held numerous positions at the local and Society level including Society Treasurer, Executive Board Parliamentarian, Finance Committee Chair, Investment Committee Chair, District 2 Vice President, and Philadelphia Section President and Exhibit Chairman. He received a bachelor of science degree in industrial systems engineering from Ohio University.


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