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Spotlight On: ISA Connect’s September Free Trial Month

Sharing the Power of our Automation Community

For engineering, technician, and management professionals in automation, ISA is the trusted provider of foundational technical resources that drive the advancement of careers and the profession itself. ISA brings together experts from around the world to develop our widely used global standards, share best practices, develop the next generation of automation professionals, and provide networking, education, and career development programs for all of its members.

ISA Connect, our exclusive, online community, allows members to connect, share, and get the most out of their ISA membership at any time, from anywhere. Within this community, members are able to browse discussions based on their interests and needs, and have opportunities to establish themselves as experts in their respective fields.

To celebrate the one year anniversary since launching ISA Connect, ISA is opening our technical forum to non-members for a short period of time. During the entire month of September, you too can experience the power of having a community right at your fingertips, as you interact with other ISA members in the automation profession.

Learn more and sign up for the Free Trial here.

blog-float-artBenefits of ISA Connect

Here are just a few of the many benefits you will find within ISA Connect:

  • Engage in technical discussions, happening daily on the forum.
  • Tag and locate posts by industry topic.
  • Join conversations and create a digest that is personalized to you based on your interest areas.

Below, you will find some of the conversations you can join right now on ISA Connect. Sign up today to provide your thoughts and opinions on these popular topics in the technical forum:

Examples of Local/Remote Control

There is a vibrant conversation happening on local and remote controls. John explains the need for control mode selection on a local panel. This control mode selector typically allows for selection of whether control will be done locally at the panel or remotely through a control system such as a DCS. He went on to discuss if the exchange of key can be made between two different control systems to know who has control. Sometimes this is over a communications bus, but often this would be hardwired due to latency and reliability issues. Others provide their contribution on Smart valve positioners which have built-in position sensors so they can provide feedback without the need for a separate transmitter. What are your thoughts on local vs. remote control?


Members discuss the Safety/Reliability (SIS) requirement of the PSLL interlock, and the Performance (time) required to execute an interlock opening correctly. This interesting conversation provides feedback on the whether you can use the BPCS as a logic solver for the lube oil safety function, or if SIS is required. Peter provides input on looking to Annex Q of ISA TR84.00.04 (Part 1), which addresses in detail IPL setpoints and response times. Contribute your thoughts, do you think SIS is required?

Is it "Cybersecurity" of Control Systems or "Security" of Control Systems?

A great discussion about the definition of Cybersecurity in automation and Control system. Is the word "cybersecurity" properly applied to reference securing control systems, considering that control systems are far more than just computers and networks? Provide your input in this lively discussion.

What Our Members Think of ISA Connect

Here's what some of our members are saying about ISA Connect:

“Access to the collective experience of thousands of automation professionals around the world, with all their diverse experience, is one of the many benefits of being a member of ISA.” – Steve M.

“As specific as the industrial automation world is, it's nice to know that we have a valuable source of knowledge sharing in ISA Connect forum. I would recommend to any automation professional, regardless of their role, to sign up and start expanding their automation knowledge.” -Adrian O.

“There's always something new to learn. There is always someone here to help when I am trying to work on something new. Whether it's the application of standards, or a quick "how to," there are answers for any application in the technical discussion forum.” – JD G.

Sign up for your 30-day Free Trial by clicking here.

Steven Aliano
Steven Aliano
Steven Aliano is the content manager for ISA.

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