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Share Your Love of Automation: Recommend ISA to a Colleague

While it would be the standard opening to relate how honored and humbled I am to serve as your president for 2023, I would prefer to focus on the value of your Society and encourage you to share your professional association with a colleague.

ISA grew membership by 11% in 2022!  

This outstanding result came from the hard work of our Executive Director, the staff, and our volunteer leaders in all corners of the Society. ISA is poised for growth and success, and has set the goal to grow by 13% in 2023.

Someone invited me to be an ISA member 

My ISA journey began as an invite from a colleague to a local section meeting. As with our in-person social connections (and reflected by the social media world), we form friendships and professional connections easily when a friend or colleague offers advice or an introduction. 

Whether you began in one of the 100+ student sections or 100+ professional geographic sections, or you joined because you were interested in the Society’s 16 technical divisions or any of the 14 standards committees that contribute to the automation body of knowledge, you were likely invited by a colleague. Member contributions to the Society and the worldwide automation community serve as the backbone for the ISA Society’s member and industry value.

How about you? Invite a colleague in 2023

There is tremendous value in ISA! We should be proud of all the contributions that the Society has made to the world of automation, and indeed, the planet. Automation makes for a better standard of living, and will help make the world a better place. Your invitation to a colleague will be the best and most unselfish recommendation you may make to help a colleague advance their career. If you’re interested in sharing the gift of ISA membership, reach out to a colleague and share the information available at – including the benefits of joining ISA.

ISA is your professional association

No other automation association advances automation as well as ISA. Our mission is to empower the global automation community through standards and knowledge sharing. Let’s share our knowledge about ISA with others and encourage them to get involved today.

Honored and humbled to serve as your 2023 ISA President

It is truly a real honor to serve as the 2023 ISA President.

I want to thank Carlos Mandolesi, our 2022 ISA President, and the Executive Board for their leadership in 2022. I would like to thank Claire Fallon, our Executive Director, for a stellar first year while picking up the ISA reins, and recognize the hard work of her staff as they continue to execute on the Society’s strategic goals that have helped move the Society forward with a tremendous 2022.

The Society wouldn’t be where it is without the volunteer time and expertise provided by our passionate volunteers and members. Several hundred volunteer leaders provide their valuable time serve and lead the Society’s sections, student sections, divisions, and committees, while thousands more contribute their time developing our standards, webinars and conferences. Without our volunteers and members contributions, ISA would not be where it is today.

ISA is poised for growth and success!

Let’s create a better world through automation, together.

Contact the President

I love to connect with our members and listen to their opinions about automation, what ISA is doing now, and what ISA should be doing to answer your needs. Please connect with me on ISA Connect, LinkedIn, or send an email to

Marty Bince
Marty Bince
Marty Bince is an industry leading sales and automation professional, and management consultant. Currently Automation Business Development Manager with EECOL Electric, Marty has a demonstrated history of technical acumen and experience in many industrial and manufacturing settings, including as a former business owner of an industrial automation software distributor. He has experience with many facets of oil & gas extraction/production/transportation, manufacturing, mining, food processing, water/wastewater, manufacturing and clean tech. Marty has been a member of the International Society of Automation (ISA) Executive Board since 2017 and is ISA President for the 2023 term.

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