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Q&A: ISA Boston Section

This is a Q&A with the ISA Boston Section.

ISA: Describe your section to other ISA members as if you were speaking to someone hearing about it for the first time.

Boston, Massachusetts

The Boston Section has for many years been an active section, always seeking to encourage others in the Boston Section. We find new members can offer new ideas for plant tours and dinner meetings. We always want new members to get involved with a hands-on approach, feeling it is not only good for the section but can round out an individual. It is great for networking. If you would like to build your future activity within the society, the Boston Section would like to promote individuals who have this goal/desire.

ISA: What makes your section stand out?

We are the largest section in the district and enjoy a high level of participation at the national level. The section is great for networking.

Insights: Tell Insights readers about something your section and the members involved have introduced you to that helped you to expand your automation knowledge.

The Boston Section has a tape/DVD library of many instrumentation applications—from the basics of measurement and control systems to combustion systems and lots in between. There are many series that I have rented, and my place of employment has opted to rent some series for P.E. credits and general understanding.

ISA: What items/events are coming up that your section is preparing for?

The executive committee and board of directors are planning to meet, as they do twice a year, to keep an eye on the plans for the rest of the season. I really respect the newcomers who have picked up the torch and continue with or without the elder statesmen/women.

ISA: If someone is interested in joining your section or learning more, who is a good contact for them?

ISA sponsors more than 100 sections worldwide, led by hundreds of volunteers. Sections offer their members (and industry in general) local networking opportunities, monthly educational meetings, fundraising and social events, training, table-top shows, newsletters, web sites, and more. Click this link to join a Section in your area or country.

Can't find a section in your geographic area? For more information on how to start a section in your area click here.

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