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ISA's Gouhin Participates in World Manufacturing Forum

A recent press release by ISA noted that ISA's Executive Director and CEO, Patrick Gouhin was in Stuttgart, Germany last week speaking to manufacturing executives from 44 countries during the annual World Manufacturing Forum.

It is good to see ISA "play an active and vital role in initiatives to stimulate growth, innovation and collaboration in worldwide manufacturing".  Pat and his team along with the Automation Federation, have been making strides in this area all year long.

Gouhin said, “When I received the invitation to participate and speak at this prestigious event it was an easy decision because ISA has so much to offer on each of the technology platforms discussed at WMF12.  The global exposure to this relevant but non-traditional audience for ISA will lead to ongoing opportunity and collaboration with many new doors opened.”

Gouhin spoke about the world’s economic growth problems and how the deployment of automated, intelligent and digital manufacturing systems throughout the entire global industrial supply chain can contribute to the solution.   He also talked about impact of automation on the workforce and the growing need for skilled and educated workers and the multiplier effect that comes from manufacturing jobs contributing to jobs in the service sector.

Gouhin participated in discussions on the most important issues that must be addressed in order to usher in the next industrial revolution based upon global environmental restoration, sustainable production and product life-cycle management. But more importantly, Gouhin noted:

“We want to help drive the next wave of global manufacturing,” Gouhin indicates. “Of course, having a skilled, educated workforce will be essential. Here again, ISA is taking a leadership position by establishing the Automation Competency Model (a formal description of the knowledge, skills and abilities required to become an automation professional) and recommending degree programs at both two- and four-year academic institutions.”

This event was established by premier sponsor, Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, to present, discuss, and offer solutions to cross-border manufacturing challenges.  Global leaders in manufacturing, policy and innovation were invited to present their view on topical issues where best solutions may be found through international cooperation.


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