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ISA Training and Education Programs for June and July

This education & training roundup was compiled by Joel Don, ISA's social media community manager.

Throughout the month of June, Houston will be home to an intensive educational experience designed to meet the automation and control community’s needs for comprehensive technical training in a highly condensed format. Technical Training Camp classes focus on the practical application of knowledge and skills. This is an opportunity for industry professionals to expand their abilities and experience in automation engineering and safety.


Do you work for a system integrator? Do you support client projects? Do you need to expand your skills in working in a project design or commissioning environment? ISA’s Automation Engineering Survival Training – Integrator Version (AESTIV), designed specifically for system integrators, focuses on concepts important to automation engineers and others involved in a project design and commissioning role.

Check out other education and training programs for June and July, which include classroom courses, online programs, webinars and certification exam preparation.

Special Spring-Summer Discount Offer

Save $300 when you use promo code TRN17ST by 31 July 2016. The 2016 spring and summer discount applies to multi-day, classroom courses and online, instructor-assisted courses offered by ISA in 2016. To take advantage of the special offer or get more information on qualifying courses, please contact ISA customer service to register using promo code TRN17ST by 31 July 2016: +1 919-549-8411. This special offer is not available through online registration.

Onsite Training

In addition to taking ISA classroom training at ISA headquarters, regional locations and industry events, you can also receive customized ISA training at your facility through ISA Onsite Training. This option can bring any ISA course or combination of courses – along with ISA’s world-class instructors, training materials and portable laboratories – directly to you.  Simply pick the time and place.  Contact ISA at +1 919-549-8411 or

Note: If a class date is not showing in the course offerings page or registration appears closed, contact ISA at or call customer service at +1 919-549-8411 to get a registration update or waiting list status.

Fundamental Skills Training

Introduction to Industrial Processes, Measurement and Control (FG07)
13-17 June (PA)
11-15 July (NC)

Technical Skills Training

Instrumentation Maintenance
Instrument Calibration and Documentation for FDA–Regulated Industries (TI24)
6-10 June (PA)
Installing, Calibrating & Maintaining Electronic Instruments (TI25)
20-24 June (NC)

Industrial Communications
IT Survival Basics for I&C Personnel (TS04)
20-24 June (NC)

Advanced Industrial Networking & Cybersecurity (TS20)
27 June - 1 July (TX)

Control Systems
Tuning Control Loops (TC05)
20-22 June (TX)
Troubleshooting Instrumentation and Control Systems (TC10)
23-24 June (TX)

Automation Professional Skills

Building Automation
Introduction to Building Automation Systems (EA15)
6-8 July (NC)

Control Systems
Designing & Tuning Feedback and Advanced Regulatory Control Strategies (EC05)
1-3 June (NC)

Designing & Applying Model-Based Control Strategies (EC60)
6-8 June (NC)

Using the ISA/IEC 62443 Standards to Secure Your Control System (IC32)
19-20 July (TX)

New_80x80IACS Cybersecurity Design & Implementation (IC34)
1-3 June (IL)


New_80x80IACS Cybersecurity Operations & Maintenance (IC37)
6-8 July (IL)


New_80x80Discrete, Sequencing, and Manufacturing Control
PLC Fundamentals for the Technical Professional (TC40)
6-10 June (IL)


Transducer/Transmitter Installation for Nuclear Safety Applications Using ANSI/ISA-67.01.01 (IC67)
6-7 June (NC)

ANSI/ISA-67.04-2006: Setpoints For Nuclear Safety-Related Instrumentation (IC68P)
8-10 June (NC)

Measurement and Control
Industrial Pressure & Level Measurement Engineering (EI05)
13-14 June (DE)

Industrial Flow Measurement Engineering (EI10)
15-17 June (DE)

Plant Maintenance
Applying Motor Control Drives (SP15)
1-3 June (NC)

New_80x80Calibration Asset Management and Data Acquistion Practices (EI42)
1-3 June (NC)


Boiler Control Systems Engineering (ES15)
20-22 June (PA)

Burner Management Systems Engineering Using NFPA Code 85 and ANSI/ISA77 Standards (ES16)
23-24 June (PA)

Safety Instrumented Systems: Design, Analysis & Justification (EC50)
18-22 July (IL)

Advanced Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Selection (EC52)
25-26 July (IL)

Advanced Design & SIL Verification (EC54)
27-28 July (IL)

Certification and Licensure Preparation

Control Systems Engineering (CSE) PE Exam Review Course (EN00)
1-3 June (TX)
6-8 July (PA)

Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician (CMRT) Exam Review Course (TM00)
27-29 June (TX)

Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST®) Level II Exam Review Course (TS00)
27-30 June (DE)

Certified Control System Technician (CCST) Level II Exam Review Course (TS02)
11–14 July (IL)

Special Training Events

Tactics for Advanced Troubleshooting Boot Camp (TATC)
13-17 June (NC)

Automation Engineering Survival Training: Integrator Version (AESTIV)
11-15 July (TX)

Process Automation Boot Camp–for Non-Maintenance Personnel (PABC)
18-22 July (PA)

Extreme Instrumentality: Electrical to Instrumentation Cross Training Boot Camp (XTBC)
25-29 July (NC)

Technician Training Boot Camp (TTBC)
11-15 July (LA)

Part of the Houston Technical Training Camp–June 2016
Technician Training Boot Camp (TTBC)
6-10 June (TX)

Automation Engineering Survival Training (AEST)
13-17 June (TX)

Safety Instrumented Systems: Design, Analysis & Justification (EC50)
20-24 June (TX)

Advanced Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Selection (EC52)
27-28 June (TX)

Advanced Design & SIL Verification (EC54)
29-30 June (TX)

Part of System Wide Area Training (S.W.A.T.)–July 2016
IT Survival Basics for I&C Personnel (TS04)
11-15 July (DE)

Industrial Data Communication Systems (TS06)
18-22 July (DE)

Industrial Networking & Security (TS12)
25-29 July (DE)

Using the ISA/IEC 62443 Standards to Secure Your Control System (IC32)
1-2 August (DE)

Assessing the Cybersecurity of New or Existing IACS System (IC33)
3-5 August (DE)

Online Instructor-Assisted Courses

Overview of Industrial Flow Measurement Engineering (EI10E)
6 June–12 August

Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) Level III Online Exam Review Course (TS03E)
20 June–30 September

Control Systems Engineering (CSE) Exam Online Review Course (EN00E)
26 June–15 September

Cyber Security for Automation, Control and SCADA Systems (IC32E)
18 July—9 September

Safety Instrumented Systems: Design, Analysis & Justification (EC50E)
25 July—16 September

Sistemas Instrumentados de Seguridad - Diseño, análisis y justificación (EC50ESP)
25 July—16 September

Live Webinar Series

Save up to 25% with Series Pricing when you register for all the webinars in a series at one time. To take advantage of series pricing, please contact ISA customer service at +1 919-549-8411.

Introduction to Measurement & Control Series
Missed a webinar in the series? See recorded version here.
Introduction to Temperature Measurement (FG05W2)
25 May

Introduction to Level Measurement (FG05W3)
8 June

Introduction to Flow Measurement (FG05W4)
22 June

Introduction to Pressure Measurement (FG05W5)
6 July

Enterprise Control Integration & ANSI/ISA95 Series
Applying Manufacturing Execution Systems (IC60CW1)
18 May

Applying ISA95 for Specification of MES User Requirements (IC60W2)
1 June

The ISA95 Object Models for Enterprise Control System Integration, Part 1: Introduction (IC55CW1)
15 June

The ISA95 Object Models for Enterprise Control Integration, Part 2: Application Example (IC55CW2)
29 June

Electrical Series
Grounding in Instrumentation Systems (TI21W1)
13 July

Noise Reduction in Signal & Power Circuits (TI21W2)
27 July

Partner Training

Can’t take time off work for training?
The Engineering Institute of Technology offers online solutions to meet your long and short-term goals. ISA members receive a 5% discount off of any regularly priced course. (ISA membership number is required)

Accredited Diploma Courses
Diploma of Leadership and Management-DMG Engineers and non-engineers
Begins: 6 June (12 months)

Advanced Diploma of Biomedical Engineering - DBE
Begins: 6 June (18 months)

Professional Certificate of Competency in Power Distribution - CPD
Begins: 13 June (3 months)

Professional Certificate of Competency in Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)-CAC
Begins: 20 June (3 months)

Diploma of Electrical Supply Industry UET50212 - ESI
Begins: 27 June (24 months)

Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation) - begins with Graduate Diploma of Engineering (Industrial Automation) - GIA + MIA
Begins: 27 June (2 years): Requires a bachelor's degree in a related field-2 one year segments.

To learn more about EIT click here or contact for more information. Also, consider one of our on–demand courses from EIT's sister company IDC Technologies.

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When you become an ISA member, you’ll join thousands of automation and control professionals who collaborate to share ideas and insights, and solve technical challenges. And, you’ll receive up to 20 percent off on ISA products, including training courses. To review the complete array of ISA member benefits, click the link below or contact ISA customer service at +1 919-549-8411 or

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Joel Don
Joel Don
Joel Don is an independent content marketing, social media and public relations consultant. Prior to his work in marketing and PR, Joel served as an editor for regional newspapers and national magazines throughout the U.S. He earned a master's degree from the Medill School at Northwestern University with a focus on science, engineering and biomedical marketing communications, and a bachelor of science degree from UC San Diego.

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