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ISA technical symposia successes and spreading the word about ISA Automation Week 2013

This post is authored by Terrence G. Ives, president of ISA 2013.

While summer is just now warming up, ISA’s season of conferences and events is well on its way to another sizzling success.

To date, ISA has conducted five of the seven technical division symposia scheduled for the year: the 58th Analysis Division Symposium in April; the 59th International Instrumentation Symposium and MFPT 2013 in mid-May; the 13th ISA LDAR-Fugitive Emissions Symposium, also in mid-May; the 2013 Communications Division Symposium in late May; and the 56th Power Industry (POWID) Division Symposium this last week.

Business Meeting, outside

The two upcoming events are the 2013 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium, which will be held 6-8 August in Orlando; and the 8th ISA Marketing and Sales Summit, which will be held 11-13 September in New Orleans.

And, of course, ISA wraps up its major events in 2013 with ISA Automation Week 2013 – the showcase technology and solutions event for automation and control professionals – 5-7 November in Nashville.

Here is a quick recap of the five ISA symposia held to date:

  • Nearly 400 attendees and more than 60 exhibitors gathered at ISA’s 58th Analysis Division Symposium. This year, 12 technical sessions and 35 technical papers covered leading-edge topics in sampling, chromatography, spectroscopy, chemiluminescence and other analytical techniques
  • ISA’s joint conference with the Machinery Failure Prevention Technology (MFPT) Society – the 59th International Instrumentation and MFPT 2013 – attracted more than 200 attendees to learn about the latest advances in instrumentation and mechanical failure prevention, and to consider synergies between the two professional associations. In total, more than 120 technical papers and presentations were delivered, 58 through ISA and 62 through MFPS.
  • More than 200 professionals responsible for maintaining leak detection and repair programs and reducing air emissions attended ISA’s annual Fugitive Emissions-LDAR Symposium. A highlight of the conference was a panel discussion involving EPA regulatory officials and LDAR experts. Attendees came away knowing what they need to do to comply with regulations, and how to implement best practices.
  • ISA’s 2013 Communications Division Symposium was highlighted by the Society’s third workshop on passive wireless sensor technologies, and an examination of the new trends, equipment, software and protocols involved with transmitting, reporting and processing real-time data. On hand were a stellar group of industrial communications experts who helped attendees sort out the maze of communications-related changes and challenges occurring in the marketplace.
  • Attendees at ISA’s 56th POWID Symposium, conducted recently in Orlando, received updates on cybersecurity, regulatory changes, and other power-generation challenges. Sessions showcased the latest news in nuclear, fossil fuel, and renewable energy, and explored the type of regulations that may implemented under the new Congress and second-term president.

To those who attended our five technical division symposia to date, I sincerely thank you for your participation. By being involved – either as a general attendee, presenter, organizer, or other contributor – you’re part of the effort that keeps ISA active, engaging, and alive with new ideas and perspectives.

ISA is committed to offering technical symposia brimming with high-value, expert-driven technical content. It’s part of our tradition and a core competency that sets us apart. Some of our technical conferences – notably those sponsored by ISA’s Analysis, International Instrumentation, and Power Industry divisions--have been held for more than 50 years. And I believe we’re just getting started.

Automation Week 2013Looking ahead, I encourage ISA members to spread the word about our two remaining symposia, and Automation Week 2013.

The 2013 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium offers a unique opportunity for automation, instrumentation and SCADA professionals in the water and wastewater sectors to share ideas, network and earn continuing education credits. The event includes two full days of technical speakers/presentations, networking events, a poster session, and a supplier showcase. A tour of a local water treatment facility, and two short courses on SCADA cybersecurity and flow meter section/sizing are optional.

For marketing and sales professionals targeting the automation marketplace, the 8th ISA Marketing and Sales Summit is the event to attend. This year’s summit focuses on the new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking needed to succeed in the fast-changing automation marketplace. Key topic areas include: best practices in social media, guerilla marketing, brand marketing, market-driven product development, winning complex accounts, business development, and advertising in the digital age. Early bird registration is now open at

This year’s ISA Automation Week event will be particularly thought-provoking and meaningful as it is designed to demonstrate how to fully leverage the power and potential of automation solutions. The conference is built on the premise that decisions in one organizational area can have significant, sometimes counteractive, effects in others, and that the key lies in addressing core operational needs – in safety, people, business, and technology – in a more proactive, farsighted, and integrated manner.

Please, join me in getting the word out loud and clear that this is a can’t-miss event. And emphasize that all attendees can save $150 by registering by 20 August 2013.

To date, 2013 has been a strong year for ISA events. Let’s make sure we end the year on an even stronger note. As always, thanks for all that you do to contribute to and support ISA.

About the AuthorTerrence G. Ives
Terrence G. Ives is the third-generation president and owner of Ives Equipment Corporation in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, a process control manufacturing representative and stocking distributor. Terry has been actively involved in ISA leadership for many years. He has held numerous positions at the local and Society level including Society Treasurer, Executive Board Parliamentarian, Finance Committee Chair, Investment Committee Chair, District 2 Vice President, and Philadelphia Section President and Exhibit Chairman. He received a bachelor of science degree in industrial systems engineering from Ohio University. 

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