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PIC 2019: Shedding Light on Critical Process Industry Issues

Stars will shine brightly in the Lone Star State 4-6 November as experts in the energy and process manufacturing industries descend upon the Westin Houston, Memorial City.

ISA’s 2019 Process Industry Conference (PIC) will bring together engineers, automation professionals, and oil and gas professionals for a conversation with leading industry experts to discuss solutions to the most urgent challenges facing our changing world.

This three-day conference will be followed by a full-day of ISA technical training courses on 7 November, offering yet another professional development opportunity for attendees to expand their industry knowledge.


This year’s keynote speakers are rock stars in their respective industries. Dr. Dennis Ong is a TEDx speaker, architect, and head of the 5G Mobility at Verizon Smart Communities. Previously, he was chief architect and director at Nokia where he led the systems engineering team for the loT IMPACT platform, which received the “Best loT Innovation for Mobile Networks” award at Mobile World Congress. At Alcatel-Lucent, Dr. Ong’s team collaborated with three start-ups creating a highly scalable analytics video optimization platform that served 50 million people worldwide.

Dr. Ong’s keynote speech is 4 November and it’s titled: “5G – Enabling Industrial Mobile Robots, Industrial loT, and Autonomous Vehicles.”

Another distinguished keynote speaker is Dr. John Thomas, Executive Director of MIT’s Engineering Systems Laboratory. He has researched engineering mistakes, design flaws, and human error to develop more effective methods to prevent them. He teaches classes on system safety, cybersecurity, system engineering software, digital hardware engineering, human factors, and system architecture. Dr. Thomas’ work has been widely adopted throughout the industry, including techniques for developing requirements, anticipating unexpected or dysfunctional interactions in engineered systems, analyzing software-intensive systems, human-centered design processes, and others.

Dr. Thomas will address the audience 5 November and his topic is titled: “A Systems Approach to Safety.”


As an attendee at this can’t-miss event, you’ll be able to:

  • View state-of-the-art products, technology services, and solutions
  • Gain a competitive edge by participating in ISA training courses
  • Attend though-provoking keynote sessions delivered by industry leaders
  • Participate in a variety of technical tracks and topical sessions
  • Network with peers and make valuable professional connections


PIC 2019 provides sponsors and exhibitors the opportunity to meet with a variety of industry decision-makers searching for solutions, products, services, and partners they can trust.

For questions about sponsoring, exhibiting, or to save your space, contact Elena Pitt at 919-323-4023, Richard Simpson at 919-414-7395, or Chris Nelson at 919-990-9265.

Join the conversation at #ISAPIC2019!


PIC 2019 offers a turnkey experience for gaining important foundational knowledge and training, which helps attendees develop hand-on skills and lasting professional development. The event covers critical areas in instrumentation/control, cybersecurity and safety systems, open architecture and infrastructure, subsea automation, and operational improvement.

Young professionals can also benefit greatly from this event. It’s a one-stop shop for gaining important foundational knowledge and training, which will help them develop hands-on skills and lasting professional development expertise.

Carlos Melgarejo
Carlos Melgarejo
Carlos Melgarejo was a member of the ISA marketing team. He earned a master's degree in communications and marketing from Southern New Hampshire University, and a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from City University of New York-Brooklyn College.

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