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ISA Podcast Spotlights Digital Twins and Cybersecurity in Australia

The International Society of Automation (ISA) continues to produce episodes of its podcast, Podomation. Read on for more details about Podomation 002 - Deep Water Production to the Moon to Mars Mission.

What is Podomation?

Launched in 2023 by ISA, Podomation is a podcast that covers all things automation and industrial cybersecurity. Podomation guests are subject matter experts from throughout the industrial automation community. The topics include industry 4.0, digital transformation, manufacturing and machine control, connectivity and cybersecurity for operational technology, and continuous and batch processing.
Some episodes have been recorded live from ISA events, and others recorded in studio. But no matter what, we will always focus on the critical role that automation plays in making the world a better place, and all the ways our community is making a difference.

Podomation Episode 002

Deep Water Production to the Moon to Mars Mission

As the world starts to think about how new technology and sustainability conversations impact their business, where is Australia in the process? On this episode of Podomation, we explore how robotics and digital twins have made an impact on these major global issues in Australia. Expert guests reflected on the cutting-edge technologies, how they position Australia and how to keep the technology cyber safe.

Podomation 002 Panelists

  • James Sheridan, Head of Asia Pacific, IglooVision
  • Peter Jackson, Engineering Manager - Cyber, SGS
  • David Dickson, Senior Managing Director, Accenture


Immersive Shared Spaces for Training and Acclimatization

This episode began with a demonstration of the Igloo technology for immersive shared spaces. Mr. Sheridan showed how the Igloo is like stepping into a giant VR headset, allowing remote teams to collaborate and train together. In one example, he showed an offshore platform near Perth that is automated, with no full-time crew that lives aboard. The Igloo is a digital twin environment that allows engineers to train while onshore so that they are up to speed and able to make the most of their trips to the platform without having to acclimatize to unfamiliar systems. The eye contact and communication available in a shared space, as opposed to a VR headset, provides greater confidence for the individuals receiving the training. In addition, their supervisors who can observe communication style, body language, eye contact and other clues to their comfort with the environment and the skills and knowledge they will need. 

Additive Manufacturing in Remote Locations, Even the Moon

Mr. Dickson discussed the power of generative AI and additive manufacturing in solving challenges efficiently. For example, in the mining and metallurgical processing field, he shared how 3D printers can produce replacement parts and new components needed right on site at the coalface—or exposed surface in a mine—without having to wait for traditional fulfillment.

This same concept is applicable in other remote environments: even those as remote as outer space. The Moon to Mars Mission, a collaboration between NASA and the Australian Space Agency is a terrific example of the tremendous potential of this application of automation. 

Security by Design

Finally, Mr. Jackson, stressed the need for security professionals to be involved in the implementation of any digital twin or similar technology to ensure that risk is being managed effectively. He suggested that many organizations rely on a position like a Chief Digitization Officer to build the connective tissue required for a safe, secure and effective implementation. 

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Liz Neiman
Liz Neiman
Liz Neiman is the managing director of strategic engagement for the International Society of Automation (ISA), with oversight of marketing, communications, PR, events, and outreach activities. Prior to joining ISA, Liz led marketing, communications, and events activities for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), as well as for edtech nonprofit MIND Research Institute. She is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University.

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