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ISA Business Academy: A Mini-MBA For Automation Industry Leaders

The ISA Business Academy is a 10-week fully digital program beginning 28 March for both current and aspiring leaders to learn the fundamentals of people management and business finance.

Jed Thompson, Manager of the Unitron Controls® division of Barney's Pumps and a recent graduate of ISA Business Academy, had an incredible experience. "I would recommend this course to anyone, at any level of an organization. The course provides management perspective and wisdom that will be very difficult to find elsewhere or by winging it on your own. ISA Business Academy has given me tools, processes, and systems that I use daily to manage my department more effectively." 

"This class fundamentally changed how I plan projects and build teams," shares Messer Area Instrument Tech Level III and ISA Business Academy graduate Tim Nabors.  "I have already seen the benefits. I used to be a contractor, and now I work for the company that I used to do most of my work for.  This class will help in both situations.  I wish I had been able to take this course 20 years ago when I ran my business!"

Based on a streamlined MBA curriculum, in just 10 weeks you will learn how to build organizational alignment, empower your team to serve your customers better, and learn the financial fundamentals of building a more profitable community.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 101212This course blends self-paced learning with live virtual sessions that allow you to learn and discuss with your peers. Upon completion of the program, you will receive an ISA Business Academy Certificate, and you will continue to have access to the eLearning materials for an entire year!

Reserve your spot now— space is limited!

More From Jed Thompson and Tim Nabors 

Jed Thompson continues to share, "This course was a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that I have incorporated into my management toolkit.  The weekly live cohort sessions were invaluable. One week in particular provided me with some fantastic ideas on how to improve my department's job descriptions and interview questions.  These were put to use immediately and with great results. 

I learned that goal creation should be a constant process and the goals themselves should meet specific criteria to be considered "good."  I learned that finding the right people does not have to be a matter of luck. Instead, it can be a function of how well you craft your position descriptions and interview questions. After finding the right people you must coach them for success.  The course provided tools and methods to ensure your employees are making use of their natural talents and feel empowered to act how they see fit to accomplish the company's (and their individual) goals.

The financials sections provided clarity on how to interpret and make good use of the information on our balance sheets and income statements. Also, the importance of cash flow cannot be understated. The exercises provided clear examples of what can happen if you don't pay close attention to cash flow."

Screenshot 2024-03-05 104355Tim Nabors added, "ISA Business Academy taught me how to place the right people in the right positions.  Along with that, I have improved my communication skills to make sure that the employees who work with me understand the goals that are set by our company.  It has also helped me organize my day, week, month, and year so that I am more efficient with the time I have.

When this class started, I was in the middle of creating a class to train Instrument Techs working for our company.  This class changed how I was planning the class layout.  The class was a HUGE success and will now become a new standard of training in my company! One of the key things that I learned through the academy is how to set correct and attainable goals, empowering the team to take on more responsibility. "

What's Included?

With over 20 hours of video, a private learning community, and an arsenal of templates, resources, and knowledge, it's one of the most comprehensive programs for the automation industry leaders in the market.

When you join, you'll receive lifetime access to:

  • 6+ hours of live facilitated expert coaching
  • 350+ learning modules within the self-paced online learning
  • A cohort of your fellow business leaders to connect & network
  • Continued access for a full year after the 10 weeks
  • Downloadable companion worksheets & materials
  • 20 interactive tools to implement the learning
  • Knowledge checks to build competency
  • A printable learner handbook to organize it all
  • Lifetime access to the eLearning portal and resources
  • A LinkedIn badge and certificate to share with the world

Rememberthis program begins shortly on 28 March.  Learn more and register today!

Ashley Ragan
Ashley Ragan
Ashley is Digital Content Specialist at the International Society of Automation (ISA).

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