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Check Out These 10 Podcasts on Automation!

Automation has already taken companies, industries, and everything else by storm. What better way to learn about the tips, secrets, and history of automation than to listen to a podcast! So, if you’re an automation professional seeking more knowledge in the industry, check out these 10 podcasts!

1. TestGuild Automation Podcast

TestGuild celebrates automation as one of the many innovations surrounding technologies,” says Thomas Wakefield, a tech writer at Revieweal and UKWritings. “If you’re looking for the best practices in automation, then this podcast is for you. From expert insights to hot topic trends, TestGuild has much to share on each episode.”

2. Talking Industrial Automation

Want to know some of the experts and pioneers behind automation? The Talking Industrial Automation podcast is the show for you! This podcast talks about automation in terms of processing and modern manufacturing, along with integration technology and up-and-coming trends in the industry. You’ll learn from the experts, including members of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA). No matter the topic, Talking Industrial Automation is all about using automation to improve industries everywhere!

3. Automators

Want to meet some automation fanatics? Then meet the likes of David Sparks and Rosemary Orchard! On the Automators podcast, you’ll learn how to automate things—yes, almost anything can be automated! From exciting interviews to insightful discussions, Automators has your automation fix with each episode.

4. HomeTech Podcast

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a major trend in automation, so much so that it has been finding its way into people’s homes. The HomeTech Podcast features spotlights on various tech trends and products that can be used in the home. With recent technological advances (and many more to come), there is much to talk about on this podcast!

5. Building Automation Monthly 

Building Automation Monthly focuses on building automation systems. When it comes to these systems, there are many steps and procedures to take up, but Building Automation Monthly has you covered! The podcast covers various topics like tips and tricks, interviews from automation experts and practitioners, and hot trends. The podcast releases episodes every week, making it your go-to source for building automation.

6. Get Automated

Let’s get automated with Get Automated! The Get Automated podcast is a show where listeners can learn how to implement systems and how to leverage automation. The tips and tricks presented in this podcast not only save time and money, but also help businesses grow. You’ll learn from various examples of automation at work, while gaining insight from small business owners and entrepreneurs.

7. Business Automation Secrets

Hosted by Lindsey Ardmore, the Business Automation Secrets podcast focuses on making entrepreneurs smarter when it comes to automation. By flexing business skills as an entrepreneur, you can make automation work for you as you run your business. You can be an automation expert while being a successful entrepreneur!

8. Automation Advocates

Automation Advocates loves to talk about anything and everything automation,” says Lawrence Bright, a journalist at Custom Writing and Assignment Help. “This show is about spotlighting some of the personalities behind today’s automation technologies. From manufacturing to implementation, you’ll get various perspectives on the industry.”

9. Automated Entrepreneur

Another great podcast for entrepreneurs, Automated Entrepreneur blends automation with business. Listen to this podcast if you’re looking to learn the ropes of being an entrepreneur while acquiring tips and tricks on implementing automation. With its third season up and running as of this writing, this podcast is ready to bring you fresh topics and ideas on automation!

10. Operation Automation

Factories and other companies in the manufacturing industry are no strangers to automation. Nowadays, many companies rely on automation to streamline various tasks and jobs to meet consumer demands while maintaining supply chains. Operation Automation is a podcast on everything factory automation; brought to you by Omron, a company with more than 25 years of experience in automation.


By listening to these 10 podcasts, you—the automation pro—will continue to learn about the latest trends and news of the industry today. With automation and other related technologies having no plans of stopping, neither will the stream of podcasts dedicated to it. Happy listening!

Madeline Miller
Madeline Miller
Madeline Miller is a writer at Best essay writing services and Studydemic. She is also a contributing writer at Student Writing Services. As a content writer, she writes articles about automation, coding, and other tech trends.

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