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Automation Week: Human Performance Track


Improve human performance with new approaches and technologies

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Track Chair: Maurice Wilkins
V.P. Global Strategic Marketing Center, Yokogawa Corporation of America




Over the past decades, industrial automation benefits have often been determined based on the cost savings achieved by headcount reductions. Today, in most industrial organizations staffing is at critically low levels and headcount reductions are no longer feasible. One of the emerging key aspects of business benefits with respect to industrial automation lies in enabling the people to be more effective both individually and collaboratively.

This track covers technologies and approaches in which industrial automation helps meet the objective of improving performance of the range of personnel functions (operations, maintenance, engineering, supervision and management) across industrial operations.

Fast 5 Facts

  1. Automation  vs. Humans: Hear about the critical role of human decision-making and judgment in effective process operations
  2. Study “The Cloud” and its effect on your productivity
  3. Hear perspectives on the Who, What, When, Where, and How of Human Performance
  4. Learn techniques to help you meet your full potential as an automation  professional
  5. See how better project management can maximize human performance

Human Performance Sessions

  • The Role of Humans in Effective Process Operations
  • Improving Operator Performance
  • Good Projects Need Good Management
  • Data Presentation - Getting WWWWWH Right!
  • Workshop: Finding Your Full Potential
  • How "The Cloud" Can Improve Productivity
  • Workshop - Making Technology Sexy: How Do We Attract Tomorrow's Technology Leaders?
  • Getting Results from Social Media
  • Job Mapping, Process Innovation, and Workforce Development

Register for ISA Automation Week and learn how to improve human performance with new approaches and technologies

ISA Automation Week 2012: Technology and Solutions Event
24–27 September 2012
Orange County Convention Center, West Concourse
Orlando, Florida, USA

“…ISA is indeed the “go to” source for the latest information in the automation field.”

Gerald Cockrell, CAP, Professor Emeritus, Indiana State University

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