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Automation Week: Control Performance Track

Increase plant efficiency through better control

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George BuckbeeTrack Chair: George Buckbee
VP Product Development & Marketing




Effective and accurate measurement and control are essential components of both improved efficiency and profitability of industrial operations. Traditionally, increased efficiency directly translated into increased profitability. But with the recent transition of key business variables to near real-time variability, it is essential to effectively measure and control both plant floor processes for increased efficiency and business processes for increased profitability.

This track covers the range of state-of-the-art measurement and control functionality as applied to plant floor operation and business processes to help industrial companies realize their operational and business objectives.

Fast 5 Facts

  1. Learn about some new—and novel—control methodologies
  2. See how your process control decisions help—or hurt—the bottom line
  3. Optimize—Optimize—Optimize
  4. MPC (Model Predictive Control) brings it all together— learn how this dovetails with Advanced Control
  5. Meet control experts from around the world

Control Performance Sessions

Register for ISA Automation Week and discover how you can increase plant efficiency through better control

ISA Automation Week 2012: Technology and Solutions Event
24–27 September 2012
Orange County Convention Center, West Concourse
Orlando, Florida, USA

“…ISA is indeed the “go to” source for the latest information in the automation field.”
Gerald Cockrell, CAP, Professor Emeritus, Indiana State University

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