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Automation Week 2013: most thought-provoking and far-reaching technical program ever

This post is authored by Terrence G. Ives, president of ISA 2013.

In slightly less than two months, ISA will conduct its premier international conference for automation and control professionals: the 2013 ISA Automation Week Technology and Solutions Event.  I am convinced that the technical program for this year’s event, to be held 5-7 November in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, is the most thought-provoking, far-reaching, and meaningful ever.

I believe this because the entire program is designed to illustrate how automation decisions can directly influencproduction line in modern dairy factorye virtually every operational factor within an organization, from overall business performance and profitability to workforce productivity and plant safety.  By shedding light on the ramifications of various automation decisions and processes – on business health, human resources, technology, and safety – session experts and presenters will provide a best practices roadmap to more positive, predictable, and complete organizational results.

Attendees will learn how automation affects and is affected by other organizational dynamics, and why no automation function or job role can be defined solely on its own merits.  They will recognize that actions taken in one area, such as migrating to a new technology, can sometimes lead to adverse effects in others, ranging from higher total cost of ownership to gaps in employee training and inadequate safety procedures.

Without a doubt, ISA Automation Week 2013 provides a great opportunity to put you ahead of the curve in your career, and in position to improve the overall welfare of your company.  As an added incentive to encourage automation professionals – both ISA members and non-ISA members – to attend ISA Automation Week, ISA is conducting the WIN-WIN Attendee Rewards program.

To participate, you must begin by registering for the event if you haven’t already done so.  Then, get as many of your industry colleagues and friends to register.  Each time you attract another person to the conference, you receive $25 in ISA Automation Week dollars that can be redeemed for ISA merchandise, books, and apparel at the ISA Bookstore at the event.  In addition, each new registrant also gains $25 in ISA Automation Week dollars. Now that’s a win-win!

In addition, a component of the program provides an opportunity for ISA sections to gain special on-site recognition as well as cash prizes that can be used to fund section programs and activities.  Each ISA section that participates in WIN-WIN Attendee Rewards will receive, in cash, 2.5 percent of the total value of its section member registration.  And the ISA section that has the highest percentage of member registrations will receive a cash payment equal to 5 percent of the total value of its section member registration.  That’s cash that can be used for all section events and activities…aAutomation Week 2013nother win-win!

Beyond that, the ISA sections with the top three percentage of section member registration will receive significant on-site conference privileges and high-profile recognition as well as special prizes for registered section members.

ISA Automation Week 2013 is destined to be a real game changer. I look forward to seeing you there.

About the AuthorTerrence G. Ives
Terrence G. Ives is the third-generation president and owner of Ives Equipment Corporation in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, a process control manufacturing representative and stocking distributor. Terry has been actively involved in ISA leadership for many years. He has held numerous positions at the local and Society level including Society Treasurer, Executive Board Parliamentarian, Finance Committee Chair, Investment Committee Chair, District 2 Vice President, and Philadelphia Section President and Exhibit Chairman. He received a bachelor of science degree in industrial systems engineering from Ohio University. 

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