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Automation Professionals Day: Celebrating Our Community

On 28 April, the founding day of the International Society of Automation (ISA) in 1945, we celebrate all the outstanding opportunities that automation professionals have and the many contributions they make all over the world. It’s called International Automation Professionals Day, and this is the second year we are marking this very special occasion.

In almost any industry from power production to smart manufacturing, or from instrumentation to building automation to digitization of every facet of industrial production, automation professionals play a crucial role in ensuring the reliability, safety, efficiency, and competitiveness of our businesses for all things that make life safer, better, and happier. We are honored to celebrate each of you!

Although the official day in on 28 April, we are celebrating all month long!

Don’t forget to post about how you are celebrating on social media and be sure to tag ISA and use the hashtag #AutomationProDay or #IAPD! Check out this incredible photo that’s already been posted:

You can learn more about our plans for this exciting celebration at In addition to the social media contest, there is a very special flash sale on training, books, standards, and the ISA career center – all ways to help further your progress through the automation industry and deepen your knowledge.

How Can You Get Involved?

How will you, your team, or your organization mark International Automation Professionals Day? Will you…

  • Post a picture of yourself working with a control system, in a control room or control panel?
  • Explain how automation has changed your industry?
  • Organize an event with the professional members in your section, and post?
  • Organize a young professional event and post?
  • Conduct a charity event and raise money for a great cause?

All efforts to demonstrate how ISA members “create a better world through automation” are appreciated. Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing!

Sustainable Automation

Without automation professionals to design, build, and improve production processes, the improvement needed to reach a more sustainable future would not be possible. For example, automation can help reduce the carbon footprint by monitoring and managing resources: you can’t change what you can’t measure. Automation, applied in new ways and for new purposes, can completely recycle plastic back to its original state, creating less need for new plastic production and less plastic in landfills. Fewer emissions in industrial production or lower energy requirements for the same or growing production can be achieved through better monitoring and management.

idea-lightbulbWhat do you think?

These are just a few examples of the contributions that automation professionals are already making! Where do you see that automation has impacted sustainable operations by reducing the energy bill or reduced waste in a novel way?


Young Automation Professionals Have Enormous Opportunities

Last month, I wrote about the importance of mentoring young professionals in my message from the president. This is one of my favorite topics, because I truly feel it is a great time to be entering an industry that is continually changing and offering substantial innovation and new ideas. New industries, new ways to generate and utilize energy, new ways to reduce the carbon footprint, and new ways to enable information at our fingertips… these are all the domain of our computer-savvy next generation.

idea-lightbulbWhat do you think?

As a young professional on this International Automation Professionals day, you might consider describing a way that your efforts made a significant difference for your company, your client, or projects that you have worked on.

And while we're thinking about mentoring, ISA has just revamped its mentoring program to connect early career professionals to more seasoned professionals who are willing to help coach, guide and share expertise. If you wish to become a mentor or a mentee, I encourage you to sign up today! 

AI in Automation

As we venture into a world with AI and Big Data, the automation professional of tomorrow has the opportunity to improve the operation of industrial facilities, utilizing data in ways that were inconceivable or too time consuming in the past. Looking through reams of real-time data seeking new ways to operate better, more safely, and with better security – what was once overwhelming is scaled down and achievable with the help of artificial intelligence.


What do you think?

Maybe you’d like to describe an instance where AI or the use of Big Data changed your operations.

AI and Big Data are just some of the technologies and applications typically considered part of digital transformation projects. Looking to learn more? ISA offers training that will provide you with all the tools necessary to actively and efficiently participate in digital transformation projects at your plant site or organization​: 

Introduction to IIoT — The Industrial Internet of ​Things (DT101)​
Sign up any time for this self-paced modular course. It covers the basic concepts of the internet of things and how these concepts and underlying technologies have evolved, and how they are currently being applied to industrial applications. 

Growing and Learning

You heard it here first – in just a few weeks, ISA will be announcing a brand-new program for management training called ISA Business Academy.

In a survey of members conducted in 2022, one of the things we heard from many of you was the need for more training on how to be an effective manager, and how to take the next step in your career, beyond the technical knowledge needed for the engineering field.

In honor of you – automation professionals the world over – ISA is very excited to bring you this program. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Let's Celebrate

I am excited to see everyone’s photos and thoughts this month about how automation professionals “create a better world through automation!”

Marty Bince
Marty Bince
Marty Bince is an industry leading sales and automation professional, and management consultant. Currently Automation Business Development Manager with EECOL Electric, Marty has a demonstrated history of technical acumen and experience in many industrial and manufacturing settings, including as a former business owner of an industrial automation software distributor. He has experience with many facets of oil & gas extraction/production/transportation, manufacturing, mining, food processing, water/wastewater, manufacturing and clean tech. Marty has been a member of the International Society of Automation (ISA) Executive Board since 2017 and is ISA President for the 2023 term.

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