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Are you ready for Stuxnet 2.0? More at ISA's Safety & Security Symposium

Are you up to speed on all the latest security and safety best practices with it comes to process control automation?  ISA's Safety and Security Symposium is coming up very soon - April 25-27th, 2012 at the Crown Plaza in Anaheim.  The symposium provides you with unbiased knowledge to assist you in your career and in your future.  There's still time to participate...

Here are some highlights:

Keynote Speaker, Gregory Pope of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Gregory Pope is a certified software quality engineer with over 40 years of experience developing software in the commercial and government sectors. Greg works for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as a software quality engineering group leader and project leader for advanced simulation and computing and other energy related projects. Previously, he founded and ran a software testing company and patented automated software testing tools. Greg has held positions from programmer to CEO and has been a consultant for commercial and government entities. His experience includes: mission critical testing of military systems and development of software codes for electronic countermeasures, telemetry and data acquisition systems for flight and experimental testing of aircraft and jet engines, and more.

Useful Technical Presentations

Papers and presentations cover process automation solutions, design challenges, best practices, and lessons learned--all critical areas for industrial automation safety and security, including:

"Are You Ready for Stuxnet 2.0"
Author: Jonathan Pollet, founder and principal consultant, Red Tiger Security

Stuxnet came on the scene at the end of 2010, and throughout 2011 there has been a rash of new cyber threats facing SCADA and Telecom networks. SCADA vulnerability research, hacking, and exploit disclosures are at an all-time high, and 2011 broke all previous records. Are SCADA, telecommunications, and critical infrastructure systems the new targets for hackers and security researchers? What can we learn about Stuxnet, APT, Night Dragon, Shady Rat, and all of the SCADA vulnerabilities that hit the press recently that can help prevent future Stuxnet 2.0 style attacks? This session not only breaks down the recent threats facing SCADA and Telecom systems, but also provides practical things utilities should be doing now to stay clear of future, similar attacks.

One-Day Workshops and Training Courses:

  • Q & A With an SIS SME – CI and CII with Paul Gruhn, Rockwell Automation
  • Network Packet Analysis with Wireshark – CIII with Jim Gilsinn, NIST
  • Case Study of Bugs – Software That is? – CI and CII with Greg Pope, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Tools to Analyze, Attack, and Defend a Network – CIII with Bryan Singer, Kenexis Consulting
  • An Introduction to Safety Instrumented Systems (EC50C)
  • Introduction to Industrial Automation Security & the ANSI/ISA99 Standards (IC32C)

Download ISA's Safety and Security Symposium's Technical Program for more information.

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