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Annual Leadership Conference Blends Tradition, Future Focus


This post was authored by Myra Schwartz, marketing coordinator at ISA.


Our annual meetings aren’t just about passing the gavel to the next president or attending a few sessions and dinners.

Of course, outgoing ISA President Brian Curtis did pass the gavel to Paul Gruhn, who will take over as president in 2019. The most recent Annual Leadership Conference (ALC) in Montreal, Canada was more of a time for automation professionals and members to collaborate, brainstorm, and make decisions about future direction.



Even in today’s highly connected culture, there is no substitute for face-to-face networking. “This was a great reminder that in-person events are still very relevant in a digital world,” said Mary Ramsey, ISA executive vice president.

Longstanding traditions—such as the Honors and Awards Gala—melded with designating new section leaders and talking with students about how ISA can become a more positive force in the rapidly changing automation field. A celebration of success and achievements was as much a part of the event as reviewing international standards.

As Brian Curtis noted, all members need to come together to keep focused on growth and critical objectives. “If we work as a team and stay actively engaged, we’re sure to keep the positive energy going,” he said. You can read more in this previous post about our outgoing president’s conference review, and why we need you to help lead our continued march to the automation future.

The 2019 ALC will be held in beautiful San Diego, Calif., USA. If you’d like to become more involved with ISA, visit our website.


200+ Volunteer leaders and automation professionals who participated
35 New section leaders for 2019
16 Individuals honored with awards and honors at the gala
4 Members elevated to Fellow status
73 Percentage of ISA-eligible sections represented by a delegate
5 Guiding values added to our Vision and Mission Statement



About the Author
Myra Schwartz is a marketing coordinator at ISA. She has held marketing communications positions with Red Hat, RTI International, and Tompkins International. Myra earned a bachelor's degree from Appalachian State University.


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