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TUNE YOUR LOOP: Using RFID/RTLS to Track Industrial Assets

TUNE YOUR LOOP: Questions to keep you sharp.



1. Identify which frequency band is being used in many wireless network systems.

  1. ~120 MHz
  2. ~960 MHz
  3. ~2400 MHz
  4. ~3200 MHz[/ordered_list]

2. Which RFID frequency results in the shortest tag antenna length?

  1. 130 kHz
  2. 433 MHz
  3. 2400 MHz[/ordered_list]

3. Which technology provides the highest data rate (but at a short distance)?

  1. RTLS
  2. UWB
  3. WiFi[/ordered_list]

4. For reliable and accurate spatial determination, how many GPS satellites should
the handheld unit have “visibility” to?


What are your answers before you read ahead?

1. c

2. c

3. b

4. four


From the ISA Course Using RFID/RTLS to Track Industrial Assets (SP27C) pre-instructional survey.

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