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TUNE YOUR LOOP: Picking the Right Bus—A Comparison of Field and Device Networks

TUNE YOUR LOOP: Questions to keep you sharp.



1. The AS-Interface protocol suite contains what protocol layers?

  1. Layers 1,2 and 4
  2. All 7 layers
  3. Layers 1,2 and 7
  4. It doesn’t have layers[/ordered_list]

2. PROFIBUS-DP is different from PA because:

  1. It has a different message format.
  2. It uses a different cable type and signaling method.
  3. It uses a different media access method.
  4. The difference is just marketing fluff.[/ordered_list]

3. The data link layer includes protocols that look after:

  1. Framing
  2. Media access control
  3. Physical Addressing
  4. All the above[/ordered_list]

4. The industrial 4-20 mA current loop standard is:

  1. Based on the Modbus protocol
  2. A single variable simplex system
  3. A digital signaling system
  4. A bus based system[/ordered_list]

5. PROFIBUS-DP uses which media access control methods?

  1. Token passing ring and Master/Slave
  2. Token passing bus and Master/Slave
  3. CSMA/CD and Master/Slave
  4. Master/Slave only[/ordered_list]


What are your answers before you read ahead?

1. c

2. b

3. d

4. b

5. b


From the ISA Course Picking the Right Bus—A Comparison of Field and Device Networks (FG30C) pre-instructional survey.


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