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TUNE YOUR LOOP: Implementing Business to MES Integration Using the ANSI/ISA95 Standard

TUNE YOUR LOOP: Questions to keep you sharp.



1. The ISA95 standard

  1. forces users to abandon their current way of handling integration.
  2. does not emphasize good practices for the integration of systems.
  3. can only be applied to automated systems.
  4. applies to all types of manufacturing.[/ordered_list]

2. Define three resources types typically used in production activities:

  1. _______________
  2. _______________
  3. _______________[/ordered_list]

3. A function is included in the control domain if (check all that apply):

  1. It is critical to maintaining regulatory compliance.
  2. It impacts the design and construction of a facility.
  3. It impacts the operational phase of the facilities life.
  4. It is critical to plant reliability.[/ordered_list]

4. Identify three levels within the manufacturing computer systems hierarchy.

  1. Operating system, machine interface, Internet
  2. Planning, execution, device control
  3. MRP II, planning, enterprise requirements
  4. Inventory, movement, planning[/ordered_list]


What are your answers before you read ahead?

1. d

2. Personnel, Equipment, Materials, Segments (or Rules or Procedures)

3. a, b, c, d

4. b


From the ISA Course Implementing Business to MES Integration Using the ANSI/ISA95 Standard (IC55) pre-instructional survey.                                   

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