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This blog covers numerous topics on industrial automation such as operations & management, continuous & batch processing, connectivity, manufacturing & machine control, and Industry 4.0.

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Electrical Engineers in Automation: What Are the Success Stories?

The following technical discussion is part of an occasional series showcasing the ISA Mentor Program...
Greg McMillan Nov 10, 2020 5:00:00 AM

Why Are Process Automation Projects So Difficult to Manage?

Reflecting on my long career as a project manager, I have come to realize process automation project...
Lee Swindler Feb 3, 2020 7:42:13 AM

Webinar Recording: 10 Essentials of a Successful Upgrade or DCS Migration

This post was written in conjunction with an ISA co-hosted webinar.
Charles Toth Jan 29, 2020 9:58:27 AM

Industry 4.0 Concepts for Discrete Manufacturing Applied to Process Automation

This article was written by Bill Lydon, automation industry authority, journalist and former chief e...
Bill Lydon Dec 2, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Why Automation Professionals Need to Go Beyond the Obvious and Create Elegant Solutions

This article was written by Bill Lydon, automation industry authority, journalist and former chief e...
Bill Lydon Oct 30, 2019 9:00:27 AM

How to Achieve Pilot-Scale Process Control Flexibility and Agility

Pilot-scale process control has posed some of the biggest automation challenges I have faced working...
Chris Marinucci Oct 21, 2019 9:00:29 AM

Why Bypassing the Factory Acceptance Test at Startup Is a Bad Idea

The investment in a solid factory acceptance test (FAT) pays big dividends and makes a large contrib...
Michael B. Fedenyszen, II Oct 16, 2019 9:00:24 AM

Mechatronics: The Evolution From Mechanical to Information-Based Industrial Automation

At the core of any automated system is the basic closed-loop paradigm: sense, decide, act. This mode...
Kenneth J. Ryan Oct 7, 2019 9:00:12 AM

Process Plants Need New Approaches to Leverage Actionable Information From Big Data

In May 2011, the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company released a research report titled...
Michael Risse Jul 1, 2019 9:00:39 AM

How to Monitor and Control Quality in Process Manufacturing

In nearly all regions and industries, markets for products reflect the impact of globalization. The ...
Paul Darnbrough Dec 20, 2017 10:42:40 AM

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