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How is AWS Better than Other Cloud Platforms?

Cloud computing is on the rise, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is seemingly at the top. With over a third of the cloud administration market share, AWS is the forerunner in the business. It offers cloud-based capacity, virtual capacity, and 70 different administrations to ventures for their computerized needs.

COVID-19 has driven many organizations to examine cloud computing like never before. Its solutions empower businesses to move associations to virtual channels. AWS cloud is becoming well-known as companies hope to break down and go virtual. AWS will assist them with reaping the rewards of digital technology.

What Makes AWS Better 

A worldwide presence. From one side of the globe to the other, AWS is now, as of present, in 26 geographic areas with plans to add 8 more. Every district incorporates various server farms known as an accessibility zone. There are 84 availability zones currently across all districts. This implies that it has a worldwide foundation. 

You can begin your business administration in Tokyo with the click of the mouse while sitting in London. You can utilize this to convey your business with exceptionally low idleness. Netflix, one of AWS's clients, utilizes this infrastructure to convey content consistently to its worldwide client base. 

Security. AWS is one of the most solid cloud suppliers when it comes to security. It provides free Identity and Access Management (IAM) so that you can use your AWS assets and confine its admittance to legal clients. It gives information encryption as well. If you are a singular designer or a large company, you can ensure security for your assets in the cloud. 

Adaptability. With AWS, you don't have a constraint of picking one working framework or one improvement climate. It provides you your own virtual confidential organization. You can utilize this to send your old applications and foster new ones with more current innovations. You can also effectively increase your applications or downgrade. This has been a significant advantage of utilizing AWS, which has decreased working expenses fundamentally.


You can understand why AWS is better than other cloud platforms and why it is gaining popularity as the leading cloud platform. Companies choose it because of its wide range of features and its several cost-effective solutions. If you are thinking about learning more about AWS, many trainings are available, such as those offered by CETPA. By doing AWS training, you are stepping into the world of cloud computing and its in-demand requirements that every company needs.

Srashti Jain
Srashti Jain
Srashti Jain is the SEO Executive at CETPA Infotech.

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