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Cast Your Vote for ISA Volunteer Leader of the Year

There are many wonderful things about being awarded an ISA Celebrating Excellence Member’s Choice Award—peer recognition, an amazing trophy, bragging rights, and an incredible evening at a black-tie Gala just to name a few.

But the most unique aspect of the Member’s Choice Awards is how the honoree is selected. Unlike other ISA Honors and Awards ... the member’s vote will determine the honoree.

One person, One vote, Every 24 hours

How does the voting work?  It’s simple—one person, one vote, every 24 hours. Yes, you can vote for your favorite candidate once a day, every day, from 1 May to 31 May.

Who can vote?

All active members can vote for Volunteer Leader of the Year, all active Student members can vote for Student Mentor of the Year, active Division leaders can vote for Division Leader of the Year, active Section leaders can vote for Section Leader of the Year and active standards committee members can vote for Standards Leader of the Year.

The voting period is open now and each day you wait is a missed vote so don’t delay.

Review the nominees and a summary of their achievements, make your decision, and cast your vote.

Votes will be tallied and the candidate with the most votes WINS. A running tally of votes at the online voting site will let you know how your candidate fares compared to other nominees.

So let the voting begin! Vote now

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